PR 08.07.2017

Rick Coste Productions





ROCHESTER, NH: Rick Coste Productions released the Modern Audio Drama show series on iTunes, Stitcher and Google Play earlier this month.


“The series showcases all of our our past productions and will serve as a platform for future shows as well,” says show writer Rick Coste.  “In the past, each show has been released as a podcast under its own name. While this will still be true for the near future, all shows will now be available under one subscription.” Shows include the acclaimed mini-series The Behemoth, Bryar Lane, and Waterguns & Rainbows among others.  There are plans to release stand-alone shows as well as longer series presented in seasons.  An iOS app is also in development.


36% of the population over the age of 12 have listened to a podcast according to a 2016 Edison research study (  That’s an estimated audience of 98 million audio fans eager to be entertained by strong stories with high production values.  Modern Audio Drama is hoping to position itself as a trusted source for today’s audio fiction consumer.



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About Rick Coste Productions: Rick Coste Productions is an independent audio drama production company (  Past productions include the audio drama mini-series The Behemoth and Scotch, as well as the educational podcast Evolution Talk.